Carbon Footprint of Product (CFP) Expert - 18/19/24/25 March 2021


1° module of the training course for CEPAS qualified GHG Verifier/Validator 

The course will be held over four days

Thursday 18th and Friday19th, March 2021

Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th, March 2021

from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM CET

The virtual course will be held through Zoom


Carbon Footprint of Product Expert” is the first 16 hours module of a comprehensive pathway for GHG Verifier/Validator, qualified by CEPAS, for a total of 40 hours.

CEPAS is an Italian Personnel and Training Courses certification body and is a full member of IPC (International Personnel Certification Association), an association that gathers the main auditor and training certification bodies, as well as some accreditation bodies at the global level.

The complete training includes two additional modules: a module (8 hours) on the Organization GHG inventories (ISO 14064-1), and a module (16 hours) on the verification/validation (ISO 14064-3) and accreditation requirements (ISO 17029 e ISO 14065).

Aequilibria can count on a deep experience with international trainings on Carbon Footprint of Product, and on the extremely positive outcomes achieved during the Italian editions of the CEPAS qualified training sessions. Building on these experiences, Aequilibria now also offers the English version of the first module for GHG Verifier/Validator.


Because the lecturer, Daniele Pernigotti, was the Convenor of the Working Group that developed the ISO 14067 standard, the internationally recognised reference standard for the Carbon Footprint of Product.
    An added value is represented by the fact that, besides providing a thorough analysis of the ISO 14067 requirements, this allows to understand the reasons that led to the choices made during the standard development.
      In addition, it should be noted that Daniele is since many years the Technical Advisor on GHG for Accredia (the Italian Accreditation Body), and the Lead Assessor for several international Accreditation Bodies. Therefore, his sound theoretical knowledge of the standardization context is combined with a consolidated practical experience with verification and validation activities.


      The Carbon Footprint of Product Expert module is made of 4 sessions, each of them lasting 4 hours.

      The training opens with an introduction on the scientific, politic, and economic context of climate change. Successively, it analyses the pathway that led to the development of the ISO 14067, the standard contents, the LCA basics and the correct methods for results communication.

      One of the interesting aspects of the training is that it also includes practical exercises, allowing for a simple and effective experience of some crucial aspects of the CFP quantification.


      • Knowledge and comprehension of the reference standard on Carbon Footprint of Product (CFP).
      • Understanding of the methodologies to plan and perform the quantification and communication of the Carbon Footprint of Product (CFP).
      • Better management of the organisation interface during the third-party verification.
      • Basic knowledge of the Programme Operators existing world-wide.


      • The GHG emissions and CFP responsible of an organisation
      • Carbon and environmental consultants
      • GHG verifiers
      • Technicians working for regulatory authorities
      • Supply chain Managers
      • ESG Leaders


      1^ session – Introduction to Carbon management

      Registration of attendees

      Training introduction

      Scientific basics of climate change

      International policies evolution

      Market and carbon transition 

      Carbon management at organisation level

      2^ session - Carbon Footprint of product (I part)

      Introduction to LCA

      Introduction to the ISO 14067 development

      Goal & Scope

      Inventory analysis (I part)

      3^ session - Carbon Footprint of product (II part)

      Inventory analysis (II part)

      Impact assessment


      4^ session – CFP worldwide

      CFP Programme Operator and ISO 14026 

      Market perspectives: CFP worldwide



      Daniele Pernigotti is the CEO of Aequilibria Srl, an environmental consulting and training company. He was the Convenor of the ISO/TC 207/SC7/WG 8, that led to the publication of the ISO 14067:2018 standard on Carbon Footprint of product, he coordinated the ad hoc Group ISO/TC 2017 on Circular Economy and he currently chairs the ISO/TC207 TG2 on the same topic. He is the Coordinator of the UNI Working Group on climate change (GL15), and Vice President of the Environmental Commission. In the ISO context, he is the Italian delegate for the development of the voluntary standard framework on GHG (e.g., ISO 14065:2008; ISO 14064-1:2006 and 2018; ISO 14064-3: 2006 and 2019). Currently, he is the Italian delegate for the review of the ISO 14065 standard and for the development of the new standard on Carbon Neutrality, namely ISO 14068.

      On top of this, he is the Technical Advisor on GHG for Accredia, and he represents Accredia in the European working groups on EU ETS accreditation. In addition, he is also qualified as Lead Assessor on GHG internationally, for ANAB (USA’s Accreditation Body) and ONAC (Colombian Accreditation Body).


      Aequilibria’s virtual training course fee is € 870.00 + VAT.

      The subscription includes: participation to the training course, participation certificate, material for the course.

      The payment is to be realised once the participant receives the confirmation of the subscription and that the course will be provided. It shall be sent to the following bank account:

      Banca Popolare Etica – Filiale di Vicenza

      IBAN     IT35O0501811800000016810392

      The course will be held over four days 18th, 19th, 24th and 25th, March 2021, in four hours sessions from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM CET.

      The virtual course will be held through Zoom.

      Because of organisational reasons, the subscriptions are open until March 15th, 2021. In order to complete the subscription, participants shall fill in the dedicated inscription Module. Successively, they will receive the Zoom invitation and the related instructions for joining the online course.

      In accordance with CEPAS, a certificate will be issued to participants who have successfully completed the course (at least 95% of the hours) and who pass an exam.

      The maximum number of participants is 12 persons. For any additional information, please contact the following email:

      Training office

      Aequilibria S.r.l.

      P.le Martiri delle Foibe, 5 – 30175 Venezia Marghera (VE)


      Telefono: +39 0418653238 

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